The Banks

Partnership between Messrs. Hayes, Leatham, Walker and Lister, as bankers in Malton & Scarborough was dissolved 31st December 1795. Since then the said banking house in Malton has been carried on by Messrs Hayes, Leatham, and Walker [1]

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William Dalrymple was a servant to Ralph Green a partner in the Malton Bank of Joseph Robinson Pease, Christopher Richardson, Robert Coupland Pease and Ralph Green. He was committed to York Castle 'for stealing two thousand guineas in Malton notes and cash out of the Malton Bank' [1] William was executed at Tyburn near York on 12 April 1800 [2]

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Savings Bank

Late in 1826 a small advertisement announced that a meeting would be held at the Public Rooms on Thursday 14th December for the purpose of nominating the Trustees, Directors and Treasurer of a savings bank. The same advertisement refers to a Fund being established to defray the formation expenses and inviting subscriptions to be paid into the East Riding Bank, Malton [1]. Operations commenced in 1827 [2] and opened for an hour or two on Saturdays only. It was, for years, the only institution in the district for small depositors. With increasing competition from the Post Office and other savings' banks, opening hours were extended to include Tuesday and Saturday noons and for an hour on Saturday nights. The latter to 'meet the wants of the working classes.' Within 5 years of its opening, subscribers had been repaid the initial expenses, and by 1833 nearly £19,000 had been invested with the Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debt In 1840 the Malton Savings Bank had 1,302 accounts, including 1,275 depositors and 21 friendly and charitable societies. This was reported at the annual meeting, held in the Bank office in Yorkersgate on 20th December, 1840. The same report alluded to 'a building exclusively appropriated to the business of the institution is in contemplation' [3]. This new building was constructed in Yorkersgate in 1845 [2] on the site of an old timber yard and cottage purchased from Earl Fitzwilliam. Mr. George Hardy trained as a teacher but shortly before he was forty became the manager and actuary of the Malton Savings Bank. He died, aged 82 at his home in Castlegate on Tuesday 3rd March 1896 just a few months after retiring [4]

Prior to moving into their own premises in 1845 the Savings Bank had operated from the Newsroom [5].

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Notice to Creditors : All persons having any claims upon the late firm of Hayes, Leatham & Co., Bankers, Malton may receive the amount of their respective demands on applying at the Banking House of Bower Duesbery & Co., Malton ... YG 4 May 1822

Malton Penny Bank

The opening of the Malton Penny Bank took place on Saturday 3rd Martch 1860, the number of applicants was so numerous that the proceedings had to be adjourned until the Monday evening. 'The number of depositors was 284, and the total received was £13 11s 1d. - averaging nearly 1s for every person.' [2]

In April 1864, it was reported that the bank had failed and 'had not proved profitable since the establishment of the Post Office Savings Bank.' It was wound up, the directors paying their proportion of the loss, and the depositorsreceived their money in full. [3]

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Post Office Savings Bank

This opened on Monday 23rd December 1861 'for the deposit of sums of one shilling and upwards' [1]

[1] Malton Messenger, 21 December 1861


In the spring of 1908 it was reported that the Yorkshire Penny Bank had got into its new home in the Market place, and that the premises at Post-office Corner for the Union of London and Smith's Bank will soon be completed.

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