The Crystal Brewery

The Crystal Brewery existed in 1866 when it was described as 'flooded'. [1] It was operated by William Wrangham who advertised the sale of 'Patent Desiccated Grains' in 1870 [2]. In 1896 someone at that address was wanting a position as under-brewer or brewer [3] It became a limited company in 1893 being registered on the 14th March with a capital of £12,000 in £10 shares, to acquire the business of Wm. Wrangham, heretofore carried on by him at Malton, Yorkshire, and to carry on the business of brewers, millers, maltsters, corn, hay, seed, forage, flour, manure, wine and spirit merchants and importers, hop merchants, malt factors, coppers, bottlers, bottle makers, and all analogous trades. The subscribers are:- Wm. Wrangham, Malton, brewer 500; T. Leefe, Malton, ironmonger, 20; G.W. Slater, Malton, seedsman, 20; G.W. Hardy, Malton, chemist 20; Wm. Dixon, Malton, brewer's traveller, 5; E. Clough, Malton, Brewer's clerk, 5; E. Wrangham, Malton, spinster, 5. The number of directors is not to be more than seven, nor less than two, the first being Wm. Wrangham, T. Leefe, J. Marriott, G.W. Slater, and G.W. Hardy; qualification £200, remuneration £50 per annum. Registered offices, 13 Yorkersgate, Malton, Yorkshire. [4]

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The Old Brewery

An advertisement by John Walker & Co, for Walkers Pale, Strong and Mild ale in 1866 states their business and therefore presumably the Old Brewery to have been established in 1700 [1]. In February 1892 it was announced [9] that 'the whole of the valuable brewing plant, horses, wagons, drays, carts, and effects, at the Brewery, Castlegate, Malton, the property of Messrs. John Walker & Co. per instructions of the Trustee J. Rhodes, Esq., Birmingham', was for sale. W. Garbutt was a brewer at Hovingham and took over the Worsley Arms there from his father. It is believed that Mr Garbutt bid and in 1892 he took the brewery at Malton and after a year took into partnership Percy Standidge. This partnership was dissolved, the business being bought by Messrs. C. Rose & Co. Mr Garbutt purchased a brewery in Hunslet but bankruptcy proceedings were commenced against him in January 1895 [7] Percy Standidge became the proprietor of the Sun Hotel in Wheelgate, he too became bankrupt in 1896 [8] At the end of 1892 Garbutt and Standidge were advertising 'to purchase 50,000 dozen small champagne bottles [2] and for a Brewer's Traveller and described themselves as 'late Walker & Co., Old Brewery, Malton.' [3] Early in October 1893 the partnership between Garbutt and Standidge was dissolved [4] In 1893, Garbutt and Potter were advertising for 'an experienced working maltster to take charge of a 45qr kiln.' [5] In 1894 it was being operated by Messrs. Clark, Rose & Co. [6]

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The Griffin Brewery

In April 1862, J. Cooper and W. Wigglesworth advertised they had taken the Griffin Brewery [1]. In March 1864 however this partnership was dissolved as far as regards Mr. Wigglesworth. [2] On 16th December 1864, Joseph Cooper and Benjamin Sladin, partners, trading as Joseph Cooper and Company and carrying on their business at the Griffin Brewery assigned their business for the benefit of their creditors [3]. The business was put up for auction early in 1865, 'by order of the Trustees, as under a Deed of Assignment, in Trust for Creditors'. The plant was stated to brew 100 quarters per week. [4] In 1869, the business was up for sale on account of the expiration of the present Tenants' Lease. The business was said to be considerable 'extending over the North and East Ridings of Yorkshire, and the County of Durham'[5]. At some point before June 1875, Walter Cayley Alexander takes the Griffin Brewery [6]. In 1878 the Griffin Brewery was up for sale again and then said to be in the occupation of Mr. Cayley Alexander - there was one bid for £2,000 and the property was withdrawn [7]

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The Derwent Brewery

This was operated by James Russell & Co. An annual cricket match was played among the employees [1] The grandfather of James Russell was the partner in 'Russell and Witty' brewers and maltster operating in the town in the early part of the 19th century. At this time there were two other prominent brewers: Tomlinson & Co., and Walker and Dunlop. [2]

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Late summer 1897 saw major change for the breweries in Malton. Russell & Sons of the Derwent Brewery, acquired William Wrangham Limited of the Crystal Brewery 'with a view to the amalgamation of the two concerns.' The business was named Russells and Wrangham Limited. Around the same time a Blackburn based company acquired Chas. Rose and Company (formerly Walker & Co.) [1]

Russell & Wranghams had a profit sharing scheme, started 1911, whereby between 75 and 80 employees owned shares in the company. The mill was stopped and reconstructed in 1923 so it could use a greater proportion of English wheat [2]

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1851 Census

A number of brewers are listed in Malton in the 1851 Census. We know that George Kingston and his son Richard (employing 9 men) operated from the Griffin Brewery. John Dunlop and John Walker operated from the Old Brewery and William Wrangham from the Crystal Brewery. James Russell operated from the Derwent Brewery (3 maltster and 3 brewers). It is said that William Wilson had the Albion Brewery. All these were in Castlegate / Low street

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