Through this site I would like to build and share a picture of the heritage of Malton. How did the town evolve? What have been the key events? Who lived here? Where can you find out more information? You will find the main focus of this site to be Malton in the Victorian and Edwardian era.

Where is Malton?

Malton is a market town situated in the North Riding of Yorkshire approximately equidistant between York and Scarborough.

Malton? New Malton?

In 1138, Malton was burned down by the Archbishop of York in order to flush out the Scots occupying it at the time. Subsequent to the rebuilding, it became known as New Malton and this is its correct designation today. This also provides a clear distinction from Old Malton - just about one mile away. This website is all about New Malton but due to proximity will occasionally stray into Old Malton and Norton.

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What’s New?

I have added the following:
Transcription of those listed in the Malton Workhouse per the 1911 Census here
List of those eligible to vote 1858/9 for St Michael's Parish here
Revised Pubs and Beerhouses page here (work in progress!)
Early 1900s street scene postcard of Greengate in the gallery here

There have been minor updates to a number of other pages.

I am also replacing the longer portions of text with a shorter display of text and the ability to 'Read more.' You will also find that you are increasingly able to click on any image and it will open in a 'pop-up' window rather than open a separate webpage. Hopefully these two improvements will make it easier to use this website.

Last updated 26th September 2017.

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Information and early 20th century postcard views of all the main streets in the town. Read more ... ... ...


Trade Directories, Photographers, Undertakers, Local Traders and Advertisements, Bankruptcy, Malton and Norton Cooperative Society
Read more ... ... ...


Railway Station Location, Crossing & Bridge, Abolition of the Turnpikes, Railway buildings, Accidents, Excursions, York & Scraboro, Malton & Driffield, Malton & Whitby
Read more ... ... ...

Secret Orders

Freemasonry, Friendly Societies, Oddfellows, Shepherds and Charities Read more ... ... ...


The Sanitary Condition of Malton, Nuisance Removal, Malton Local Board of Health, Apothecaries, Surgeons, The Dispensary, Dentists, Galvanism, Cholera, Smallpox, Typhoid
Read more ... ... ...

Topics & Events

Baker’s Chronology, New Malton Spa, Emigration, The telephone Comes to Malton, Horse Procession, 1937 Coronation Celebrations, St. Michael’s School, Racecourse
Read more ... ... ...


Gas, Electricity, and Water
Read more ... ... ...


Families, Malton Butchers Cricket Team, Malton People Database, Memories of Malton, Charles Dickens Connection, Town Bellman, Town Crier
Read more ... ... ...


Managing the Workhouse, Life in the Workhouse, One of Yours in the Workhouse, Masters and Matrons, State of the Workhouse 1818, Scandal, Happenings, Advertisements
Read more ... ... ...


BMDs Parish Registers, Transcriptions, Non-conformists, York Herald BMDs, Local Newspapers, Other Websites, Books, Historical Directories Project, Family History Societies, Listed Buildings, Magazine Articles, pictures and Postcards
Read more ... ... ...


The Derwent Navigation, development and decline of trade, boatbuilding, baptism, and the County Bridge
Read more ... ... ...

Police & Fire

Police, Fire Brigade, Law & Order, Prostitution
Read more ... ... ...


St. Michael’s, St. Leonard’s, Primitive Methodist Chapel, Unitarian Chapel, Independent Chapel, Wesleyan Chapel
Read more ... ... ...


Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure information on this site is accurate. It is ‘best practice’ to review the original source to confirm and to check for further information. Please also confirm the availability of documents at stated locations before travelling - holdings and their locations can change.


A big thank you to everyone who has provided me with information and suggestions. I would particularly like to acknowledge the British Newspaper Archive
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through which I have researched the main events in Malton as they have been covered in the Yorkshire Gazette, York Herald and other newspapers. Without their powerful search facility much of the information on this site would have taken a long time to provide. Click on their logo to visit their website and carry out your own research (fees payable for viewing images).

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